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Document Management

Manage content efficiently for ultimate collaboration

Leverage productivity and communication across your business. Centralize key documents and enterprise information in a secure, mobile-enabled system.

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Centralize Content Management

Store and share content with a unified system that leverages SaaS and Cloud Technologies.

Data sync graph

Synchronize Seamlessly

Regular data syncs transfer changes and record updates.

Lady employee showing the work to boss

Find Documents Easily

Quickly locate documents with tenant names, addresses, codes and other familiar search criteria with easy-to-use navigation.

Employes are discussing the work

Empower Your Business

Take advantage of a fully integrated approval, control, and validation process, with activities, chatter, and action rules to make sure everything gets done by the right person at the right time.

Happy lady employe

Work as a Team

Enhance collaboration among staff, remote users and outside parties with seamless version control and revision history management.

Security option

Seamless work with Sign

Don't waste time printing and scanning documents that someone has to sign. Instead, assign them to the right person, get them e-signed, and have them sent directly back.

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