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Deliver an exceptional tenant experience

Increase retention and NOI with a self-service mobile app and connected services.

Engage Employees

Communicate with your employees managing tenants' services and experience through broadcast announcements, event calendars, email and text messages. Centralize feedback with maintenance satisfaction surveys and Net Promoter Scores.

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Manage Visitors

Enhance security at your property with digital check-in and timed access for appointments. Arrival notifications and analytics give insight into visitor movement.

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Monetize Amenities

Automate shared space management and increase revenue with online booking for amenity products and services. Promote special offers and send coupons for on-premises businesses.

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Navigate Smarter

Execute tasks faster with user-friendly, Google-style search functions along with favorites, histories, and keyboard shortcuts. Smart navigation tools include a menu search box to find functions and a site search box to quickly find account information. Make a favorites list of the screens you use most or use the history function to see where you’ve been. Keyboard power users can create shortcuts to favorite screens.

Control Access


Enable contactless building entry to verified occupants via secure credentials. Integrate mobile access with your existing smart building and security systems.

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Serve Tenants

Modernize admin services for tenants from maintenance requests to rent payments using a convenient mobile app. Share documents with your tenants and their employees in a central location.

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