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Payment Processing for Commercial

Increase efficiency & maximize cash flow with automated payment processing

Speed up rent collection, eliminate bank runs and streamline vendor payments. Add convenience for your tenants and staff with a complete solution for accounts receivable and accounts payable for commercial property management.

See our payment processing solutions for all types of properties.

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Improve Tenant Experience

Collect rent more quickly! Give tenants the convenience of making payments online with simple, browser-based access and handy mobile apps. Tenants can log in, view their account balances and pay directly from a bank account or with a credit or debit card. Online payments are entered directly into DXP360, with automatic deposits and easy bank reconciliation.

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Streamline Check Processing

Reduce data entry, human error and banking fees. Checks are scanned, uploaded and automatically deposited into your account. Scan batches of personal, corporate, bill pay and cashier’s checks as well as money orders to greatly reduce processing time. Instantly create receipt batches for all items and permanently store the image files — so you don’t need to make copies.


 A lady is paying the bill

Automate Bill Payments

Save time with an accounts payable feature that automates electronic vendor and owner payments and includes full-service check writing. Electronic payments are administered and distributed automatically, then instantly recorded — speeding up processes, reducing errors and cutting down on paper waste. For vendors and owners that don’t accept electronic payments, you can process, print and mail checks.

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