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it is a clipart  which 2 individuals are working on their laptops

Hybrid Work Software

Give your team modern and easy-to-use booking tools for coordinating hybrid schedules and improving collaboration

Create the right hybrid work policies for your company

Take the burden of managing hybrid work schedule off your shoulders with a reliable hybrid office software that helps you:

Define when your employees should be in the office (e.g. 2 times a week or month)

Understand and follow the policy assigned to your team

Learn how people comply with current policies and improve them if needed

it is a clipart in which 4 employees and their boss working on their laptops
it is a clipart which has a highfive emoji and images of two individuals
it is an image which shows the meeting room of a company
it is a clipart in which an employee is looking at the schedule
it is a clipart which shows 4 individuals working in an office
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Simplify your desk booking

Empower employees to find and reserve available seats on beautiful office maps easily:

Enable hot desking and desk hoteling

Manage assigned and shared desks

Find and reserve an office seat from any device – web, mobile, or directly within Microsoft Teams or Slack

Make a quick booking for the day or plan your schedule in advance

Create recurring bookings

Streamline your meeting room booking

Make it easy to find and book spaces with our meeting room booking software:

Find spaces with advanced search based on location, capacity and room amenities

Make ad-hoc bookings on the room displays (Optiona)

Book rooms from web, mobile

Set check-ins to properly track space utilization

Increase employee engagement with hybrid workplace experience apps

Improve employees’ office experience with an easy-to-use mobile app, web portal, Microsoft Teams, and Slack integrations, all bundled in a reliable hybrid workplace management software:

Allow employees to book desks, meeting rooms, or any other type of space

Communicate company policies, events, and benefits

Send company-wide or private announcements

Streamline facility requests and tickets

Optimize your hybrid workplace 

Leverage space usage analytics in our hybrid work software to cut costs and:

Understand the daily, weekly or monthly utilization of your desks and spaces

Modify your workplace strategy based on your team’s office visits and space usage

Schedule the sending of reports and dashboards to your and key stakeholders’ inboxes

Work from where it works for you

Our hybrid work software enables employees to find and book a workspace in the company HQ, regional office or any coworking space, the company is contracting. What you get:

A dashboard for making and managing bookings

Real-time availability of coworking and flexible workspaces

Customizable reports and insights

Control mechanisms

Empower your team to thrive in a hybrid work environment

Discover the right tools to plan office team time and improve productivity and performance through onsite collaboration:

See who’s in the office and where their desk is located

Invite people to gather for the moments that matter

Choose your favorite colleagues and see their weekly schedule to align with yours

Automate visitor management with the reception app

Welcome guests with a delightful visitor management system which saves you time and keeps the workplace safe:

Collect visitor information on entry 

Allow employees and visitors to sign-in

Notify employees when their guests arrive for a meeting

Manage deliveries easily and conveniently

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GDPR stamp
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Our compliance


We are committed to providing quality

services, achieving operational

excellence and keeping our client

information secure.


Our integrated third party products are ISO 27001 and GDPR certified, and SOC 2 (for Security, Availability, Confidentiality and Privacy) compliant organization, to keep client information secure while minimizing risk to data security breaches.


For more detailed information on how our software manages security and what steps are taken to build security into the products, please contact us.

it is a clipart which shows the characteristics of a dedicated team

Hybrid Work Software with Dedicated Onboarding, Support, and Customer Success

Helping you become more successful is our mission. That’s why we put immense focus on supporting you through the implementation, adoption, and use of the DXP360 HYBRID workplace solution.

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