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Next generation training technology that delivers personalized learning experiences

Unlock employee potential with a personalized blend of virtual training, live events, company resources and direct coaching feedback to maximize engagement in continuous learning and skill development. Optimize your training spend with effective training content, reduced administration and deeper insights to help increase efficiency and performance. Get unlimited access to train your entire organization using DXP360 LMS . Create hundreds of customizable courses on compliance, safety, professional skills, leadership and more.

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Personalize Learning Plans

Deliver personalized training experiences using embedded authoring tools and customizable courses and learning plans. Provide individualized learning through: ■ Personalized learner dashboards ■ Targeted announcements ■ Timely alerts and reminders ■ Role- and skill-based learning plans ■ Personalized recommendations ■ Industry-focused courses tagged by skill ■ Coaching and mentorship program tools ■ Private and group chat support

Advanced reporting

Charts or tables - you'll find the perfect way to get insights into your courses and certifications, the performance of your learners, and the revenues (OPTIONAL) they generate.

Select the metrics that are relevant to you, apply predefined or custom filters, and pivot or group the results however you want them!

Provide Experiential Training

Optimize learning outcomes with hands-on experiences designed by your team of experts using proven techniques and innovative content authoring. Your management team can leverage a variety of tools to layer in additional training experiences that promote higher-level learning. Engage your team with: ■ Adaptive courses, games, simulations and “try it” challenges ■ Successive learning and refresher course automations ■ Practice assignments, feedback and grading ■ Video capture and upload tools for skill assessments ■ Collaborative projects and group chat ■ Certificates, achievements and points-based recognition

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Automate Administration

Ensure inclusivity, eliminate errors and save time by automating routine and repetitive administrative tasks. Import user data and historical records from multiple systems to easily manage your comprehensive training program in a single system. Increase efficiency with: ■ Automated training assignment and recertification ■ Online meeting provider connections ■ Attendance tracking, assessments and surveys ■ Supervisor notifications and learner reminders

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Get Insightful Analytics

Interact with administrative dashboards and powerful analytics to verify, analyze and take immediate action without leaving the report screen. Maximize transparency with: ■ Scheduled reports ■ Role-based admin tools and dashboards ■ Training, assessment and instructor performance analysis ■ Property and team comparison ■ Skill-based analytics ■ Survey tools and reporting

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