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it is a clipart in which 2 employees are working on their laptops and one is looking at the office schedule

Powering Coworking

Reinvent the workplace experience with easy-to-use cowork space and hybrid work management software



Flex Offices

Exec Suites

Service Offices


it is a picture showing the analytics of the Company

Drive efficiency in your coworking and flex space

Fully automate billing and payments

Improve operational efficiency

Enhance member experience

Make data-driven decisions


HR Managers

Facility Managers

Office/workspace Managers

Team Leads

it is a clipart with the word DXP written in the center

Bring people together in a hybrid workplace

Simplify desk booking and room scheduling

Coordinate hybrid work schedules

Integrate Teams, Outlook, Google Calendar

Optimize your workplace based on data


Productivity Tools

We can help you manage coworking spaces and hybrid workplaces with ease

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