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Advanced Desk Booking Software

Adapt your office for hybrid work, give your employees the flexibility they need, and take workplace management to the next level with a powerful workspace platform.

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Improve workplace management 

Employees can find and book a desk on the day or in advance through our mobile app or web portal.

We aim to provide an immersive workplace experience to your employees by simplifying the desk scheduling process. An advanced desk booking system bundled with an easy-to-use hot desk booking app is vital to bringing your offices to the world of hybrid work.

Use the Desk Management Software to Invite Teammates to Collaborate

Let your team choose where they sit to get the most out of the day. Once you book a desk with the desk management software, invite your teammates to join you at a nearby desk using our collaboration tools. 


Using hot desking and office hoteling software can significantly increase employee collaboration when done right!

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Desk utilization reporting

You can make smarter decisions to optimize your office space and lower real estate costs. Understand how desks are utilized and adjust availability to optimize the office space.

You can significantly reduce your real estate footprint while increasing employee workplace engagement and satisfaction in your offices by using a proper desk hoteling app and office booking system combined with hybrid work policies and surveys.

Desk assignments

Give certain employees a permanent seat assignment when they’re in the office.

Assigned desks are not available for flexible booking, and desk availability can be updated with a few clicks.

Manage assigned desks, hot desking, and desk hoteling

Make it easy for your teams to reserve office seats or schedule rooms for their meetings. 

Shared spaces via Desk hoteling or Hot desking system

Recurring booking/ invoices

Permanent spaces via Assigned desks

Our flex space management capabilities support all styles of hybrid work and will give a good office seat reservation experience.

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