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​Get effective marketing tools and technologies to connect 360 degrees with your prospects.


​With DXP360 MARKETING, don’t hesitate to do it all: you can manage all of your marketing materials in one place for an entire prospect ecosystem. While you’re at it, create customized campaigns and content for each unique prospect type.

Better yet, there’s no HTML necessary. Our marketing tools let you easily create emails, portal pages for your wellness programs without coding.

Success Plans
Keep you and your marketers on the same page in terms of expectations – and to let your marketers know exactly what steps they have to take to achieve success. By creating measurable goals around count of approved accounts, number of registered deals, number of campaign leads, total closed deals or training certifications, your marketers will be accountable and ready to achieve.
Marketer Explorer
DXP360 EXPLORER feature allows you to easily identify which marketers are active within the portal, which ones need a nudge to do more, and which are driving your revenue. View both revenue performance and marketing performance on the individual marketers level.
Brandable Videos
Utilizing video content helps marketers break through the clutter of social media “noise.” Take videos a step further by helping marketers make them on their own; with DXP360 MARKETING, you can expand your reach and deepen prospect/ participant engagement by providing marketers with brandable videos.
Analytics Dashboard
With DXP360 EXPLORER reporting dashboard, powered by Looker Studio, you can keep track of lead registrations and attribution of leads, which campaigns and collateral are being used, and which of your marketers are the most active. Our data will make it clear what is working and what isn’t–and more importantly what is truly driving revenue and pipeline generation.
Social Media Syndication
Provide your marketers easy-to-use social media syndication allowing them to customize and post on-brand content efficiently and effectively.
​Communicate Your Brand
​No more tracking down old versions of one pagers and brochures! Empower your marketers with on-brand, readily available content in the collateral library. Here, you can manage all of your channel marketing content – including videos, images, and brochures in one spot. Your marketers can brand brochures and access key pieces on-the-go, making your content available at the right time — whenever that is.
​Prospect Email Campaigns
​Your marketers can easily customize these campaigns and send them to customers or prospects through the platform, changing them to reflect the messaging promoting your programs.  OPTIONAL - For customers that send emails through other services, our API can connect content with email automation platforms and provides copy-and-paste HTML.
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