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DXP360 Services Outsourcing


​​Grow your customer base without growing your headcount

Implementation Services
During the DXP360 ENTERPRISE implementation process you will work with a dedicated team of subject matter experts, with staff uniquely equipped to service customers in different business domains. The DXP360 ENTERPRISE implementation team uses industry-leading project governance tools to ensure that your portal launch stays on track. Best of all, the DXP360 ENTERPRISE implementation team is all in-house and on-staff, ensuring that your portal will be backed by years of best practice knowledge. This creates a seamless transition from implementation to launch to service from our customer success team.
Integration Services
DXP360 ENTERPRISE can integrate with your Third Party Products (CRM or DAM (Digital Asset Manager)) using API. Our team will work with you to develop relevant APIs giving you and your colleagues an integrated view of all data across platforms. Throughout the process, you will be consulted and advised on what data will be shared and how connections will be made, ensuring that your integrations truly meet your company's unique business needs.
Marketing Services
Have trouble with your customers staying on brand? Are your marketers asking for better and more marketing content, but you don't have the time, energy, or staffing to make that happen? Let DXP360 ENTERPRISE serve as an extension of your team. With marketing services from DXP360 ENTERPRISE, you can build robust marketing campaigns with branded, customizable emails. With help from our on-staff writers, you can offer your participants a continuous stream of on-going posts to connect to their social media and promote your company and programs. You can also use these services to regularly update your portal pages, offering your participants an up-to-date, customized experience, even if you don't have the staff to regularly make changes.
Participant Outreach Services
How often do you contact your participants ? Being top-of-mind is essential when working with participants who are enrolled in multiple programs. At the same time, to-participant communication campaigns can be time and resource consuming. DXP360 WELLNESS Participant Outreach can help you develop a regular cadence of communications with all or a specific subset of participants, whether that be by participant tier or their behavior within the platform. Through webinars, guided tours, and regularly scheduled office hours, our participants' outreach experts can help you implement the best practices around to-participant communication, driving engagement, and the behaviors you need to see success. Participant Outreach can also support your efforts to evangelize your portal, ensuring that every participant knows about the portal and how to leverage its many tools for success. Team with DXP360 WELLNESS Participant Outreach so your participant never gets left in the dark.
Sales Services
Do you know what you need to do in the next quarter or the next year to ensure the success of your business? DXP360 ENTERPRISE in-house experts can help lead you to the answer. Get expert recommendations to set goals and priorities and take that first step in determining goals or initiatives with a strategy session, where you will work with a proactive strategic advisor with sales know-how that is not only data-driven, but also real-world experience driven. Continue to drive the success of your business and increase engagement with training from DXP360 ENTERPRISE . Enable everyone to leverage DXP360 ENTERPRISE to effectively communicate with customers, track their activity, and enable them to become successful.
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