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​​Customer experience, but make it (really) personal.


​Give Your Customers an Exceptional Service Experience.

Simplify Customer Management
DXP360 EXPLORER makes managing and understanding individual customer or a group of customers easier. You can manage, locate, and sort your customers. DXP360 EXPLORER gives you details on your customers, including the status of their account. These details enable you to change and manage customers' access, or add or remove users if needed. You can also look at individual customers to see how they are or are not performing, find out who is or is not actively using the platform, and see what activities are performed and revenue generated. DXP360 EXPLORER has its own reporting, including a Customer Overview scorecard. This is a useful tool for customer QBRs (Quarterly Business Review) that provides a data snapshot of the performance and activity of a specific customer. In addition, Business Overview gives a data snapshot of what content/ services the individual customer is and is not using. DXP360 EXPLORER gives you the information needed to manage customers and keep them engaged..
Customer Activation & Registration
DXP360 ENTERPRISE helps you build a robust experience for prospects to better support new customer registration, sales program information, and promotion. With our customizable page templates, you can easily build out a page or group of pages that explain and sell your plans to potential customer. Our customizable registration forms also make it easy to get as much or as little information as you want for registering your customers.
Customer Activation & Registration
DXP360 ENTERPRISE is designed to support your sales plans application process, data collection requirements, routing, and approval steps. Need extra fields to determine who your customers are and how to best serve them? You can easily add them. You also have multiple options for contacting new companies/ individuals that register for an account. Need to review the customers to make sure they meet your business requirements? DXP360 ENTERPRISE also provides the option for you to review all pending customers on a dashboard and receive emails when a new customers registers. Once an account is created, customers can manage their own membership, credentials, profile data, training and other information. No matter what options you choose, you can create matching records automatically in your CRM, ensuring your customers' data is correct.
Customer Activation & Registration
Prescribe best practices for market success. Create a smooth onboarding process to get your new customers activated and engaged. By providing a structured path to progress, you can guide your customers to the content and actions that will make your relationship mutually successful. Educate them on the platform value proposition with training courses, collateral that represents your services and progress monitoring, and portal pages that tell them how to get the most out of their relationship with you. With an onboarding plan, participants are more educated and better able to understand the platform value proposition.
Give Your Customers A Tailored Experience
More is not always better. Give your customers too much content and you risk overwhelming them. With DXP360 ENTERRISE, you can deliver specific key messages, campaigns, and collateral to customer groups based on unique user segments. DXP360 MARKETING users see current marketing campaigns and programs upon logging into the portal. DXP360 SALES users are greeted by prospect management tools and updates on progress. Best of all, its all fully customizable by you. No HTML needed.
Drive Customer Success
Make it easy for your customers to know what they need to do and keep everyone on the same page in terms of expectations. By creating measurable goals around count of completed tasks, number of eligible rewards, number of apps used and their progress, training material, your customers will be held engaged and ready to achieve. Automated measurement is viewable to both you and the customers, keeping results out in the open for both parties.
Drive Customer Success
Using DXP360 ENTERPRISE, segment, track and manage customers achievements. Achievements may be used to create new segments to track highest performing customers or those customers with the highest sales plans enrollment potential. Limit content to customers that have specific steps. You can then reuse achievements across different groups, allowing a multi-layered approach to customers segmentation.
Drive Customer Success
DXP360 EXPLORER data will make it clear what is working and what isn't and more importantly what is truly driving revenue and pipeline generation. DXP360 EXPLORER reports on each phase of the customers' lifecycle with tailored dashboards suited for end-users and executives, showcasing prospect pipeline growth, usage and performance. By adjusting timeframes, users can track performance and trends by month, quarter, or year over year. With custom reports and the ability to automatically email reports on a regular basis, metrics can be individualized and even broken down to one or a handful of accounts. For data-savvy teams, DXP360 EXPLORER supports advanced reporting and queries for deep-dive data exploration.
Drive Customer Success
The DXP360 EXPLORER customer locator allows users to filter and profile customers based on any meta variable (i.e. company, sex, ethnicity, interests, residence etc.). Customers self-manage their information including contact preferences. You can then build customer locators selecting customer segments for simple embed within corporate, portal, and third-party sites.
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