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Nurture Collaboration for Hybrid Teams

Make it simple to schedule real-life interactions with collaboration

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Check who’s in each day

Wondering who will be in the office any day of the week?

Through easy-to-use collaborative scheduling features, our platform can show you who’s in the office to help you plan your day and the weeks ahead by showing you who, when, and where has booked a desk in one or multiple locations.

Add and sync with Favourites

Nurturing teamwork and work friendships can be tricky in a hybrid environment. Have a overview of where your employees will be working for the week right on your Schedule page.

If they are working remotely, you can invite them to the office

If they are working from the office, check which desk they have booked 

Invite a teammate

You can invite your colleagues to join you in the office.

You are a people manager and want to gather your team – send them an invite to join you in the office.

You are an employee and want to meet a teammate or friend in the office – invite them individually.

You are organizing a meeting – Invite all participants to be present in the booked room for the occasion.

Customize your invites

Make your invites more personal and engaging by adding a message!

Use text message

You can include emojis

The message will appear in the mail

What are the benefits of using a platform for collaboration? Using а collaborative platform helps organisations increase in-person collaboration, positively impact individual and team productivity and performance, increase employee engagement and loyalty, all of which are important for hybrid teams.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is collaboration for hybrid teams? Collaborative scheduling for hybrid teams is all about using technology to make it easy for employees to schedule real-life interactions in the office and gather for the moments that matter. Introducing the right set of tools to people which can help them invite each other, engage in onsite activities, and facilitate their work plans is essential for nurturing truly thriving hybrid teams.

What are the main features of the collaboration tool? Know who are in the office and the desks they have booked, across one or multiple locations. You can see that for the day or for the weeks to come and better plan your office visits and onsite meetings. In addition, thanks to the collaborative features, you can easily invite a team member or a colleague to join you in the office for an informal catch-up or a dedicated meeting.

What is a hybrid work schedule? A hybrid work schedule defines when employees work on-premises and remotely. The main goal is to promote flexibility in an organized way that benefits both employees and companies.

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