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Mitigate Risk

Get actionable insight on critical job details that drives confident, fact-based decisions. The software gives you a clear view of work progress against user-defined milestones to allow you to proactively address issues before they impact project success.


Compare and contrast jobs for status, risk, cost per square foot and other measures. Identify troubled jobs and mitigate issues before they appear in financial records.


Construction Management

Stay on time and on budget with portfolio-wide insights

Gain visibility and mitigate risk on capital and tenant improvement projects and improve contract management with RFP creation & vendor follow-up. DXP360 Construction Management streamlines all aspects of commercial real estate construction.


Empower Accounting

Gain the portfolio-wide visibility necessary to understand your jobs’ progress against milestones. Leverage data effectively, connect users and manage vendors with accurate, real-time data across multiple capital projects.


Construction Management lays on top of DXP360 Costng to enable full-service job costing and receivables data on all jobs, from capital expenditures and single-unit improvements to ground-up development.

people working on a project

Streamline Contract Management

Manage contracts, deliverables, deadlines, contract terms and conditions while ensuring customer satisfaction.

The stages of contract management can managed, Pre-signature (creation, negotiation/collaboration, and review/approval) and Post-signature (administration/execution, renewal/termination, and reporting/tracking)

manager and contractor talking

Enhance Collaboration

Keep managers in the field current on approvals, revisions, contracts and other activities. Work sites and offices can stay connected with an app that delivers payables and scanned images to remote devices.

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Leverage Connection

Gain the benefits of a single connected solution for commercial asset management. DXP360 Construction Management fully integrates with other apps in the DXP360 REAL ESTATE solution.

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